Combatant type 2: “The Misdirected” (Part 1)

By John Sage Melbourne

The second type of battler as those we call “The Misdirected”. They are misdirected in the sense that they operate from a idea system based upon incorrect presumptions,unreliable info and erroneous conclusions. To put it merely,they are misdirected because they have actually been conditioned with false information about riches,cash and investments. Riches creation is hard for them as their misdirected idea system automatically restricts their possibility for riches or worse yet,may even prevent them from getting any level of riches at all.

This false information is available in different kinds and from countless resources. Several of the most typical kinds and resources are:

• cultural phrases and clichés.

• bad guidance from authority figures.

• unacceptable generalisations from personal experiences.

• inadequate role models.

• opposing beliefs.

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Social phrases and clichés

Everyone are subjected throughout our lives to the phrases and clichés of our culture. When it involves the subject of riches we commonly listen to such cultural “knowledge” as,”cash is the root of all evil”,”cash can’t purchase you happiness”,”cash isn’t every little thing”,”real riches is more than simply cash”,” the abundant get richer and the inadequate get poorer”,”it takes cash to make money”,”cash doesn’t expand on trees”,and much more.

The difficulty for us as designers of riches is to determine which of these ‘words of knowledge’ are in fact smart and which are not. A number of these clichés just use in particular contexts and situations. Rarely do they ever use in all situations at all times for everyone. The “Misdirected Battler” commonly believes and operates from these clichés (and commonly fairly outside of their conscious awareness) as axioms. Regrettably,much of these clichés not just avoid financial prosperity yet in many cases are in fact incorrect! For instance,any excellent financier will inform you that it doesn’t constantly take cash to make money. You can,as a matter of fact,make significant sums of cash without having any one of your own cash at the start.

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